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Why invest in the development of a Secure Cloud Identity Wallet?

by InfoCert
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Every day we use tons of confidential information such as passwordspersonal dataauthentication portals and online banking accounts to access any kind of web servicesmake quick transactions and simple online payments on smartphones or PCs. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web also is riddled with many threats and risks for digital identity and personal data.

CREDENTIAL (Secure Cloud Identity Wallet), a EU funded research project in which InfoCert participates together with others industry partners, universities and research organizations from 7 different EU member states, was born to respond to the need to manage and keep digital identity and online data secure, and to protect citizens’ privacy on the Web.

The goal of CREDENTIAL is to develop innovative and highly secure cloud based services for storing, managing, and sharing digital identity information and other critical personal data. This is achieved by advancing novel cryptographic technologies and improving strong authentication mechanisms.

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