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Enabling instant loans thanks to the digitization of financial services

by InfoCert
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Our most assiduous readers already know that today digitization is a key issue in the banking and financial sector at global level.

Digital technologies are providing more and more services to the Financial Service Market in order to serve Banking customers in the best and most innovative way. The adoption of digital procedure to enable instant lending procedures is just the last use case.

Day by day, the field of financial loans becomes more and more digital. The latest Italian report on Crowdinvesting – presented on the 17th of July 2018 by the Crowdinvesting Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan – talks about 190 million euros of funding provided through online alternative finance platforms.

The loans’ market grew significantly between 2016 and 2017, in terms of volumes and new players both. Today, the evolution of available technologies and the emergence of many startups has created a new market for online private loans.


ING Bank was among the first financial institutions to provide its customers with an instant paperless lending service in Italy. It is a fully digital process provided through a quick request process, which gives an answer based on the credit assessment, for a whole procedure, from loan request to loan disbursement, that takes less than 5 minutes. InfoCert played a key role in the digitalization of the process thank to its digital signature and customer onboarding solutions.

Indeed, invited to an event organized by InfoCert on January 25th, 2018, Rosy Alaia – Head of the Daily Banking Protection & Lending Products at ING Bank Italia – stated that

«at first, the customer experience was not satisfactory, with repercussions on performance, and the timing for approving the loans were too long. Therefore, we exploited the processes of digital customer identification and digital signature created with InfoCert for customer onboarding. In this way, we have shortened the time to approve financing: instead of 13 days, it takes only 5 minutes to assess in real time the creditworthiness of customers and to disburse the loan on their current account».


The Trusted Onboarding Platform (TOP) is the solution developed by InfoCert which allows to certify the identity of an unknow customer in several ways (e.g. remotely or in presence) to open a bank account and signing any type of contract without physical contact.

The remote identity assertion and all the phases of the subscription process are recorded and digitally archived. Furthermore, the whole process has been approved by the competent European Authorities and is fully compliant with the eIDAS Regulation and the anti-money laundering legislation in force in all the countries of the European Union. Today over a million bank accounts have been subscribed with TOP, adopted by 30 Banks in Italy and 50 in Europe.

An independent study conducted by Forrester Research based on Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, estimated the potential ROI that a company or a credit institution can obtain using TOP to offer customers an instant digital lending service. The study shows the tangible results achieving in terms of efficiency improvement, cost saving and new business opportunities.

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