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Alfonso Carcasona (Camerfirma), Danilo Cattaneo (InfoCert), and Pascal Rogiest (LuxTrust)

InfoCert, Camerfirma and Luxtrust create the First European Champion of Digital Trust

by InfoCert

On September 2018 InfoCert announced the signing of an agreement to acquire 50% of LuxTrust, a leading company in the field of Digital Trust in Luxembourg. After the acquisition of 51% of Camerfirma, leading Spanish Certification Authority, this represents a further step in the process aiming to create a Digital Champion in the Trust Services market at European level.


With its entry into force, the EU Regulation n ° 910/2014 eIDAS (electronic identification authentication and signature) has enshrined the application of a unitary and consistent legal framework throughout the European Union regarding electronic identification services and digital trust services. Indeed, the market principles alone were inadequate and insufficient to guarantee the protection of data relating to digital identities and transactions carried out with IT tools.

This has enabled organizations such as InfoCert to be recognized and identified as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), which is strictly regulated by the European institutions in order to ensure integrity and security of data belonging to citizens and businesses.

For this reason, InfoCert decided to join its efforts with other European QTSPs with an international approach, to create the first European Digital Trust Champion, rigorously compliant with the EU Regulations. In this way InfoCert aims to reach new customers in every country with interoperable solutions, based on a common legal framework and a shared strategy.


Digital Trust remains the core element of InfoCert’s strategy at the international level. To successfully transform analogue processes and bring them to the digital world, replace tools is not enough: we need to replicate the sense of trust and confidence that direct relationships and contents in analogical form are able to offer.

By combining its resources and expertise, InfoCert, LuxTrust and Camerfirma, they are now able to bring in the market the highest quality of innovation and know-how, as well as financial soundness and participation in the main tables of discussion at European and international level, which allows them to offer cutting-edge technologies and services.

“One of our strengths is the ability to support customers and study with them the most suitable solution in terms of compliance and innovation. This is possible both thanks to our technical infrastructure of services, that can be perfectly integrated with that of our customers, and our competences about compliance – said Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert – on this last point we are invited to participate in numerous European tables to contribute to the writing of rules by the regulator. Finally, being a company that operates internationally allows us to learn the best market practices in foreign countries to bring them to Italy, and vice versa.”

At the end of 2019, InfoCert is the European leader in offering Digital Trust services compliant with the requirements of eIDAS Regulation, and it intends to significantly expand the Digital Trust business in the main international markets.

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