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TOP mosules: Live ID, Video ID, Self ID, Aut ID, Sign ID, AML ID

Success story: how TOP has enabled Spain’s citizens, self-employed workers and companies to continue digital interaction with Public Bodies

by Camerfirma

Infocert’s proposal, distributed by Camerfirma in Spain, eliminates the need for physical presence to obtain a digital certificate

“Under the provisions of article four, sections b) and d), of Organic Law 4/1981, of 1 June, on the states of alarm, exception and siege, the state of alarm is declared in order to face the health emergency situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.” With these three short, but emphatic, lines, the Government of Spain decreed the state of alarm on 14 March 2020.

From the first day following the decree, Spain has been experiencing strange times, with a limitation on the movement of people that has changed the reality of everyday life. Daily routines, such as visiting public buildings in person to carry out a bureaucratic process, are a thing of the past, for now.

But the fact remains that this need still exists, and there are processes that cannot be postponed, such as submitting documentation for compulsory taxes, presenting unemployment benefit claims resulting from this health crisis, or applying for grants for the self-employed who have seen their income reduced or disappear altogether. In this new environment (which has not yet become the “new normal”), fully digital solutions are revealed as key allies.

What we bring…

In the case of Camerfirma, we have a clear example of how our solutions help solve problems: the use of TOP (Trust Onboarding Platform) to solve difficulties relating to the physical closure of public bodies.

Among other things, this platform enables the video identification of users for certain purposes. One example is the video identification system currently being implemented in Spain to obtain digital certificates. In a normal situation, users would visit a public agency in person to be identified and obtain the digital certificate. Thanks to TOP, we have managed to overcome this barrier and can provide certificates completely online.

TOP, by Infocert, and distributed by Camerfirma, enables the issue of certificates through the VideoID system (certificate issued under RDL 11/2020 (ADDITIONAL PROV. 11). The digital certificates (qualified certificates, according to the conditions of Provision 11, RDL 11/2020) for self-employed workers, citizens and companies issued through VideoID, and distributed by Camerfirma, are the first digital certificates on the market that can be obtained fully online, and as a result of this, they  are recognised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as a qualified provider of certificates issued via video identification: https://avancedigital.gob.es/es-es/Servicios/FirmaElectronica/Paginas/listado-de-prestadores-certificados-firma-electronica.aspx

They are fully recognised to carry out procedures with Public Bodies and therefore avoid users having to travel in person to a physical location, as they replace face-to-face identification with a video recognition system connected remotely to the Camerfirma register office. This solves the issue of not being able to visit a physical office in order to certify your identity.

TOP mosules: Live ID, Video ID, Self ID, Aut ID, Sign ID, AML ID
TOP (Trusted Onboarding Platform) modules

A few examples…

But apart from its role in obtaining digital certificates, TOP, by InfoCert, and distributed by Camerfirma, also has many uses, including the following:

  • Procedures: It is possible to obtain a citizen, self-employed worker or company representative certificate to carry out procedures with public bodies, during the state of alarm.
  • Banking: banks are able to identify their customers, remotely and face-to-face, through their channels and incorporate customers remotely to open accounts and finance fast loans.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies can identify customers and sign insurance contracts and policies with a digital or biometric signature, both online and offline.
  • Consumer loans:  Banks and financial operators can create efficient and secure instant loan processes while reducing time, costs, fraud risk and improving the user experience.
  • Telco: Telecommunications companies can offer a remote online identification tool to sell SIM cards from their company website, thus improving the user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Online gaming: Online gaming companies can use enhanced user identity verification through a remote video identification process. This service can be used for new users who want to open a new account to start playing.
  • Collection agencies: Collection agencies identify customers (sellers) and debtors (bill payers) face-to-face or remotely, with a high level of security and the lowest possible risk.

Modular platform

TOP is a modular platform, made up of building blocks that are ready to be configured according to the customer’s requirements. The components, which may be mandatory or optional depending on the specific process, are consistently established within a single technology framework, a consistent data model, a comprehensive audit of all compliance-related events, and a single set of APIs to ensure effective application in every business environment.

TOP’s various modules are as follows:

  • Identity confirmation
  • Document validation
  • Know your customer
  • Document composition
  • Certificate registration
  • Authentication system
  • Electronic signature
  • eDelivery system
  • Long-term preservation
  • Audit framework
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