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Doing one’s bit: how LuxTrust has supported clients and users during the COVID-19 crisis


Although not at the front line of dealing with the pandemic, digital technologies have played an important part in maintaining business activities and social distancing during the lockdown. Otherwise, how would we have managed working from home without video conferencing, emails, webinars tools, and service platforms to make payments, transfers or sign documents? This is the story of how LuxTrust has used its digital solutions and know-how to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and businesses alike.

Stay relevant: adapt, change, simplify, develop, and innovate

LuxTrust is in the business of creating digital solutions that enable organisations to digitize their paper processes and workflows. Our solutions help companies to identify and authenticate users as well as sign documents remotely using electronic signatures. So, you may say that, at the beginning of this health crisis, our company was part of the few business sectors spared by the harsh consequences of a total confinement. Unsurprisingly, the demand for electronic signature services has skyrocketed during the crisis. But the clients, needs and discussions were not the same.

Professionals and businesses were looking for an easy to integrate and fast to deploy digital platform. They were interested in having a viable, simple solution that would help them continue their activities. Timing and urgency prevailed over complexity and completeness. LuxTrust’s powerful e-signature platform, COSI, would have gotten the job done – more than this, it would have helped them to manage the entire life-cycle of an e-signature and signed documents. But it did not answer that sense of urgency.

Furthermore, there was a category of users in need of help. Many private persons, citizens, independent professionals, residents were confined at home, but still needed to deal with their administrative tasks: sign family leave, sign their tax declarations etc. In this context, using our existing solutions and expertise, we have adapted our services and managed to make them available and accessible in a very short timeframe.

Introducing Simply COSI – a fast deployable e-signature platform for companies and institutions

First, LuxTrust made available a spin-off of its eIDAS trust services hub, COSI. The aim was to help companies and institutions ensure their business continuity and facilitate remote working for their employees during the outbreak.

Simply COSI (the name of the spin-off) is a cloud-based electronic signature platform that can be up and running at company level in less than 48 hours. It allows professionals to sign electronically a wide variety of documents: PDFs, contracts, offers, agreements, invoices etc. Furthermore, they can use the platform to exchange these documents and get them signed by other third partiers: colleagues, business partners, suppliers and customers. All this is done remotely, without needing to meet the other signers in person. Even the users’ onboarding and identification (when needed, as the platform accepts various digital identities such as itsme®) can be done at distance, via video identification

On Simply COSI, users can choose to apply a simple, advanced and/or qualified signature (as defined in eIDAS regulation) and sign via Single-Sign-On (SSO), email or our mobile app. Moreover, we also left at their disposal other complementary eIDAS trust services (such as the electronic seal, the qualified timestamping service) to create stronger electronic signatures.

Simply COSI has helped many companies in difficulty by providing an alternative way to closing deals face-to-face in an office. The solution also gives the possibility the companies to upgrade to an on-premises version once (and if) they decide to do so. If you are curious to see our cloud solution in action, you can watch one of our recorded demos available here.

COSI Home Edition – an e-signature solution for private persons, independent workers and LuxTrust users

During the same period as developing Simply COSI, LuxTrust has also created a second spin off e-signature platform. This time with the aim to help citizens, residents and independent workers to better manage their administrative activities during the confinement period. 

COSI Home Edition addresses an unspecialized audience, who has just started to learn about e-signature and how use it. It enables anyone equipped with a LuxTrust digital identity and any LuxTrust device (Mobile App, Token, Scan, Smartcard or Signing Stick) to sign up to 5 PDFs electronically free of charge every month.

The process is rather straightforward: once securely connected to COSI Home Edition platform, the user simply has to upload a document (in a PDF format), place his/her e-signature in the document, and confirm the signing action using a LuxTrust authentication device. Then, s/he can download the document on the personal computer.

All e-signatures applied via this platform are legally-binding and have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature (corresponding to the qualified level as per eIDAS). Just as Simply COSI, COSI Home Edition is fully compliant with eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

The COVID-19 pandemic footprint will last for a long time from now on. To reduce its impact and mitigate risks, everyone has to do their bit. We strongly believe that our solutions, Simply COSI and COSI Home Edition, have brought a positive impact in both individuals’ and professionals’ lives. LuxTrust will continue to adapt, change, simplify or build from scratch solutions that are relevant for the context we live in and for our customers.

Should you wish to learn more about us, drop us an email here.

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