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Electronic signature in France: perceptions, uses & trends

The current COVID-19 health crisis has increased the speed with which companies implement digital technologies within their organisation. Playing a paramount role in signing contracts and documents remotely, electronic signature has become vital for companies to carry on their processes.

However, its usages and applications differ from country to country. They are also heavily impacted by specific local legislation. Thanks to the latest study launched and coordinated by archIMAG, the French benchmark magazine for information management professionals, we get some long-awaited insights in the electronic signature on the French market.

The study took place when the COVID-19 crisis was at its peak and reveals some interesting facts about how electronic signature is perceived, used and implemented in France.

How a look at the infographic below and discover its key insights:

Electronic signature where is the market

The full results of the study are available in the e-book “Signature électronique: quelles solutions pour quells usages?”. ArchIMAG created this e-book in partnership with LuxTrust France and other players of the market in order to give a complete overview of electronic signature use cases in France.

For more detailed information, download and consult the e-book here. It is free of charge.

Note: the whitepaper is available in French only.

In there, you will learn about:

  • the electronic signature agreed types in France
  • the French and European legal framework which rules the use of e-signature
  • the electronic signature security levels
  • how and what processes you can automate deeding on your industry

Since 1985, archIMAG has been the reference in the management of digital information. Its mission is to monitor and analyse the entire field of electronic document management, content and data management, and in general all the information related to the work environment.


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