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Digital Maturity Model

Digital Maturity Model, first step to put your business to the next level

by InfoCert

The Digital Maturity Model is a framework used to understand how digitally mature an organization is today, and to help it to analyze areas of strength,  improve business processes and build a roadmap for the next steps on its digitization path. In fact, knowing your digital maturity level is the first step towards digital transformation.

InfoCert Digital Maturity Model consists of 7 simple questions. It’ll only take you 5 minutes to complete the test, receive a digital maturity report and discover the level of digitization of your business processes.

In addition, an InfoCert analyst will be available to give each customer a clear view of its current position and define a digitization path focused on specific needs.

Find out your digital maturity level for free, in three easy steps


People are generally led to believe that digital transformation is about the implementation and use of cutting-edge technologies, but that’s only a small part of the story. Strategy, talent management, organizational structure, and leadership, are equally important, if not more, than technology.

A better understanding of digital transformation is that it involves organizations using technology to do business in new ways. But this definition remains incomplete too.

Actually, digital transformation consists in adopting business processes and practices to compete effectively in an increasingly digital world. It’s an ongoing process of growth and development, a gradual process that unfolds across the organization over time.It requires a fundamental shift in the way we think, work, and manage an organization in response to digital trends in the competitive environment.


Different companies may be at different stages of digital maturity, but there are always ways that they can continue to grow to become more digitally mature and the process is never complete.

To learn how to respond appropriately to the emerging digital competitive environment you may want to consider how digitally mature your company is,  and whether it’s ready to take the next step toward digital maturity. That’s why Digital Maturity Model exist.

It represents an evaluative tool to understand where you fall in terms of maturity today and where you should focus on in the future. Once you know what’s your actual level, you can map your efforts, and define new projects and goals.

Depending on where your organization falls your needs and focus will vary greatly. Once you have the result of your Digital Maturity Model you can contact one of our analyst  and find out how you can  get to the next level.

Find out your digital maturity level for free, in three easy steps

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