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Chambers of Commerce begin to market Carmerfirma’s Qualified Citizens’ Digital Certificate in Spain

by Camerfirma

Camerfirma recently announced that Qualified Citizens’ Digital Certificates can now also be obtained from the network of Chambers of Commerce located in all Spanish province capitals. Chambers of Commerce, namely, corporations that help to promote business, industry and services, are the origin of Camerfirma and, currently, provide great support for companies in the provision of trust services, given their presence throughout our country’s business environment.

This new service will benefit citizens in that they will be able to obtain their certificate in a very short time, receiving it in less than 72 hours, and thus avoiding waiting lists for verification. In addition, of course, the Chamber of Commerce will provide specific advice on its application in the workplace.

In certain cities, citizens are currently having to wait months to obtain this certificate, for example, at the offices of the Treasury and the Social Security. This gives rise to serious difficulties if they need to carry out procedures urgently. But, thanks to this extension of the POS network for Camerfirma certificates, wait times to obtain a prior appointment slot and therefore, the certificate, are greatly reduced.

What is the Qualified Citizens’ Digital Certificate?

It is the alternative to the electronic Identity Card (DNI), for carrying out procedures with the Public Administration, anytime and anyplace. It allows holders to carry out online procedures that require identity authentication, and also digitally sign documents in their own name and right with full legal guarantees. It is just as valid as a handwritten signature.

The certificate holder will be the natural person identified in the certificate by their full name and Identity Card.

Main advantages

As a citizen, being the holder of a qualified digital certificate offers the following advantages:

  • It allows you to carry out procedures anytime, anyplace, saving time and money on travel.
  • In addition, its software format makes it easy to use as, contrary to the electronic DNI, it does not require a card reader. You just require a computer with an Internet connection.
  • It generates an advanced digital signature and, by using this certificate, the signed documents cannot be manipulated or altered.
  • It is valid for 2 years, after which you can renew it online, without having to go anywhere in person.

Documentation required

First of all, it is necessary to prove the identity of the applicant/holder. To do this, Spanish citizens are required to provide their valid ID or passport, while foreign citizens will have to show their NIE (Foreigner Identification No.) and identity card of the country of origin or valid passport. In this case, it must be taken into account that any documents that are not in one of Spain’s official languages must be submitted together with a sworn translation into Spanish certified with the Hague Apostille.

What can the citizens’ digital certificate be used for?

With the qualified citizens’ digital certificate you can carry out numerous procedures with different Public Administration offices.  Some of the most relevant are the following:

  • Procedures with the General Administration:                   
    • In the electronic office of the AEAT (State Tax Administration Agency)
      • Pay taxes, such as the Annual Income Statement.
      • Consult and modify census data.
    • In the electronic office of the Social Security:
      • Obtain a duplicate of the affiliation document.
      • Obtain information on employment records and contribution base.
      • Obtain certificate of withholdings and income on account for Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
      • Apply for pensions and benefits, such as retirement, maternity, paternity, orphan’s or widower’s pensions and disability allowances.
      • Obtain a document that certifies the right to public healthcare.
      • Apply for the European Health Insurance Card.
    • In the electronic office of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic)
      • Have your driver’s licence and vehicle documentation available on your mobile phone
      • Register in the miDGT app
      • Pay fines and present allegations or appeals
      • Check the number of points on a driver’s licence
      • Check pending fines and history thereof
      • Request a duplicate driver’s licence
    • In the electronic office of the SEPE (State Public Employment Service)
      • Apply for unemployment benefit
    • In the electronic office of the Ministry of Justice, several procedures:
      • Digital certificate of criminal records
      • Spanish nationality based on residence
      • Digital birth and marriage certificates
    • Electronic office of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard:
      • Check and cancel police records
    • Electronic office of the Cadastre:
      • Consult and obtain real estate data certificates associated with the owner
      • Changes in property ownership
  • Procedures in Regional or Local Administration agencies: for example, those available in the Community and City Council of Madrid.
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