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GoSign helps Vozitel automate and digitalise its signature processes

by Camerfirma

The company Vozitel, an expert in communication solutions such as virtual switchboard, CallBots, specialized CRM and artificial intelligence tools, has contracted Camerfirma’s GoSign signature platform.

The electronic signature has become an excellent tool to help businesses streamline their remote signature processes and allow signature flows to continue their course, even in times of lockdown and remote working. Not only does it facilitate the signing of documents without requiring the physical presence of the signatory, but it is also essential in reducing the costs associated with the use of paper and is a key element for the successful digitalisation of businesses.

Vozitel, a company specialising in software for call centres and contact centers, works with major companies from different sectors, such as finance or health, among others. This project enables the company to go one step further in its customer experience and offer customers a contract signing solution integrated into its CRM. With excellence as its objective, Vozitel is committed to customers in the task of constantly improving its service and assistance.

GoSign 5, the next update of Camerfirma’s electronic signature platform, includes new features, such as managing several types of signatures in a single process, being able to send simultaenous mass/batch mailings that are still personalised, enabling signatories to attach files to be able to complete transactions, or using reusable templates to save time in repetitive processes. This solution will be marketed in Spain from 15 May, but, prior to this launch, the solution has already been implemented with certain customers and is allowing them to optimise their customer journey through a streamlined, remote and secure signature process.

GoSign, the electronic signature tool for all companies

Vozitel has launched this project to integrate the GoSign electronic signature platform with a major health insurance company. Thanks to this tool, it has been able to offer them the possibility of signing the quotes and contracts generated between the company and its customers.

In a simple manner, through an email generated by Vozitel itself, customers are able to access a link with the contract conditions, view the content and, ultimately, sign the contract through an OTP code sent to their email.

Both the general and tecnical management of Vozitel have placed their trust in the GoSign platform due to its many advantages:

  • Legal certainty, as it offers different signature levels and complies with the eIDAS Regulation.
  • Cost reduction and resource optimisation when signing documents for both Vozitel and its customers.
  • Customer experience, thanks to a comprehensive and automated service. Vozitel is hoping to incorporate new customers into this project soon.
  • Traceability, by enabling a follow-up of the signature process: reception, opening and signing of the document. All possible evidence is collected in a document to prove technical traceability in the event of a dispute.

In most companies, although platforms such as ERPs or CRMs are used to manage the signing of documents, the process ends with the printing of the document and the signature on paper. Then, the document needs to be digitalised through scanning to ensure that there is a  digital record thereof, in addition to archiving it in physical format. This entire process can be avoided with the use of digital signature platforms that enable documents to be signed and stored easily, in addition to guaranteeing the legal validity of each signature.

GoSign is InfoCert’s solution for the management of signature flows and circuits for companies in all sectors. It enables them to complete signature processes in a streamlined way, avoiding the use of paper and reducing other costs, as well as offering complete control over processes and transactions.

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