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Enable digital countermeasures now to accelerate the economic recovery

by InfoCert

In such an unstable scenario, investments in innovative digital solutions can pay off especially when the emergency will be over.

As is known, to contain the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, in the last few weeks, first in Italy, and gradually in all European countries up to the United States, Governments have adopted a series of extraordinary measures, which are impacting on the global production system. We still face a health emergency and the hope is that all the measures and sacrifices made by citizens and companies will be successful.

The sudden evolution of the epidemic has caused an abrupt change of habits in the working environment. For many people, smart working has become a virtually unavoidable imperative. But not everyone can react in the same way.

The incoming urgency to be digital

Those who had already started the digitization of processes, despite the difficulties, are handling operations efficiently. Those who do not, instead, are trying to quickly provide their employees with all the equipment that allows them to work remotely, whether in terms of devices or secure working procedures. These kinds of difficulties are higher for those who have historically preferred the face-to-face relationship model with their stakeholders, first and foremost their customers. And it is these realities that are recording the most sensitive drops in productivity.

In such an uncertain scenario, there is an urgent need for “digital countermeasures” that will prove to be fruitful investments even when, at the end of the crisis, competitiveness has to be relaunched.

“As InfoCert, we are witnessing directly this widespread urgency through the soaring number of requests for our Digital Trust Solutions coming from companies of all sizes – large companies, SMEs, professional firms – both already our customers and prospects.”

Danilo Cattaneo, InfoCert CEO

Manage meetings and suscribe contracts remotely

Large companies, for example, are using our Meeting Book for full and remote management of board meetings.

Thanks to Meeting Book secretarial departments can effectively manage the preparation and distribution of digital documents to all the audience participating in conferences and events. During the event, all participants’ tablets are synchronized on the speaker’s presentation. Each participant can follow the presentation of the documents, ask for additions or changes and, finally, digitally sign, in full compliance with the established rules, the examined acts.

Meeting Book is a useful tool not only for people who stay in very remote places but also for those who work on a different floor of the same building or in different office rooms, without the need to physically converge in a meeting room.

At the same time, these companies, like many SMEs and professionals can remotely conclude digital transactions – for example the customer onboarding and the purchase of products or services, with full legal value and without the need to personally meet them – using advanced solutions based on Registered e-Delivery and Digital Signature technologies.

Seize the day and be ready for the digital future

A crisis such as the one we are living through will inevitably leave a trail but, when the emergency will be over, we could rediscover ourselves improved in many aspects, especially in terms of digital innovation, whether about the adoption of enabling solutions and even in terms of their value awareness.

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