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(Re)watch our latest webinars on electronic signatures


Thanks to their multiple benefits and a clearer, more favourable legal framework (see eIDAS regulation), electronic signatures are on the point of becoming mainstream. They have proven their utility especially in the past few months, when most companies needed to ensure their processes continuity when most of the employees were working remotely.

If you are curious to see for yourself how they work in practice, we invite you to check our LuxTrust channel. Here you will find a series of previously recorded webinars on e-signature. They could help you prepare for going back to work in September or speed up your digitalization journey.

You will discover the advantages of e-signatures and learn more about the legal framework that regulates their use within the European Union. You will witness first hand some e-signing processes in our e-signature platform, Simply COSI. You will see how to connect, authenticate, sign and exchange digitally various documents such as contracts, purchase orders, offers etc.

Since electronic signatures are merely the first pieces of the puzzle of a complete digitalization of the entire lifecycle of a document, you will also find out more about some of the additional services that you can use to complement or enhance your e-signatures. Here we talk about the qualified timestamping, the electronic seal, and the e-signature validation service.

To watch a replay of our webinar, go to our LuxTrust channel here. The webinars are available in English or in French. The system requires you to provide your name and email address in order to access the recordings.

At LuxTrust, e-signature based digital solutions are at the core of our business. We have the technology, know-how and the right certifications to help you implement them within your organization. We hope you have already gotten a good glimpse of our e-signatures and how they could serve you. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our team here.

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