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Camerfirma webinar, chambers of commerce as key players in the digital transformation of smes

Camerfirma strengthens the position of Spain’s Chambers of Commerce as key players in the digitalisation of SMEs

by Camerfirma

On 16 July, Camerfirma held the webinar “Chambers of Commerce as key players in the digital transformation of SMEs” to establish new ways of cooperation between the two entities. The idea is for the Chambers of Commerce to provide Camerfirma’s certification services from a new, one-stop shop perspective.

Chambers of Commerce in Spain, key players for the business world

The purpose of the Chambers of Commerce is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of Spanish companies. They are responsible for ensuring smooth economic activity and have a key role to play in promoting business and its digital transformation, especially in the current situation where the process of digitalisation has been greatly accelerated following the health crisis.

Camerfirma has a synergistic relationship with the Chambers of Commerce, with both parties benefiting from services and joint business opportunities, and at this time, the opportunity for collaboration is more necessary than ever, with the low penetration rate of digital tools in Spanish companies and an emerging need for digitalisation in all public bodies.

Chambers of Commerce as one-stop shops for Digital Trust solutions

The purpose of this webinar was to strengthen the collaborative actions between Camerfirma and the Chambers of Commerce through a collection of joint services, so that the latter can provide Camerfirma’s Digital Trust solutions and thus strengthen the digital transformation in which Spanish SMEs are currently immersed. The Chambers of Commerce would therefore become a one-stop shop, in other words, a single organisation that offers all the Digital Trust solutions that a company may require.

For this purpose, different packages have been established according to specific sector and business, as well as an expanded catalogue of solutions that the Chambers of Commerce will be able to offer to companies. In this way, they become a reference point for any digital certification solution and providers of after-sales support services.

Through this webinar, Chambers of Commerce are encouraged to incorporate the catalogue of digital certificates marketed by Camerfirma (Personal, Entity-based, Component-based, PSD2 and LEI Codes).

Among other solutions, the new Dike GoSign tool was also presented to the Chambers of Commerce. This application enables the management of digital signatures for documents in a simple manner and from any device: with a physical token, wireless token or digital token.

Camerfirma’s proposals to boost new collaboration

Camerfirma has also launched a series of actions to promote the Chambers of Commerce’s new image as a one-stop shop for Digital Trust solutions and to streamline this new business channel, which includes promotional events, mailing newsletters, as well as online advertising campaigns in different media.

Different technical support services have also been made available to the Chambers of Commerce:

  • Assistance in Digital Transformation in order to advise and support the Chambers of Commerce with all actions relating to the processes of digital identification, signature and custody and their use on different devices.
  • Monthly meetings that will enable the Chambers of Commerce to keep up-to-date with innovations in the digital world and find ways to benefit from them and put them into practice.
  • Chambers of Commerce 3.0 based on a digital business plan that will fully focus on customers, providers and partners.
  • Training for Chamber of Commerce staff to carry out implementation and advisory functions of the Business Plan, to learn about the products to be marketed, the standard projects and the tasks to be carried out in the new operating model.
  • Provide a telephone number for the management of digital solutions to achieve an increased flow of business.

This webinar opens a new form of closer collaboration between Camerfirma and the Chambers of Commerce, which will boost the issuing of digital certificates and will transform the Chambers of Commerce into Digital Trust solution providers in their respective geographical areas and also make them key players in the digital transformation of the Spanish business world.

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