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Health Checker, InfoCert solution for a safe return to the workplace after Covid-19

by InfoCert

Since May 18, Italy seems to have breathed the first sigh of relief. 

There are still many critical issues to be resolved and on which the Central Government is working with measures to support businesses. However, with the first reopening of bars, restaurants, shops, and reduced restrictions on the circulation of people, the return to normality that has preceded these months of lock-down seems a bit closer.

In many companies, at least some of the employees came back to the offices as well as to InfoCert. Employees who return to the workplace, in addition to observing rules of conduct established by the company and using personal protective equipment made available by the latter, are required to certify their state of health to ensure the safety of everybody.

In order to make this process much easier, guaranteeing employees maximum privacy protection, InfoCert has developed Health Checker: a mobile solution, already adapted for its staff, that uses the DIZME wallet for digital self-certification of employees.


To simplify, we can say that DIZME is a network of services that gather Organizations and citizens. The services provided by the Organizations participating in this network can be accessed by users through a set of credentials with which they can prove their Digital Identity (as with an identity document in the offline world).

What distinguishes the network is that users have full control over their credentials. These credentials are not assigned, managed, and stored by companies or third parties, but generated and preserved within a wallet that each user keeps on their device.

DIZME in fact bases its operation on Blockchain technology and the SOVRIN framework, the non-profit foundation – of which InfoCert is Founding Steward – which, at an international level, has the ambitious goal of spreading the self-sovereign identity, or rather a digital identity distributed and self-managed by each citizen.

For users, DIZME is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once the app is installed on the smartphone, the user can create their own account by setting up a username and entering their email address, certified by sending a code. Once this is done, it is possible to add credentials to their own digital wallet.


Health Checker has been imagined as one of the possible applications of the DIZME app. In fact, the platform sets no limits to the development of an ecosystem of applications and services, based on verifiable and certified credentials.

So, once the DIZME app is installed, employees can create their own account, upload their ID, and a selfie. InfoCert, as a Trust Service Provider, will verify the correspondence between the photo on the document and the selfie to certify the employee’s identity.

At each access on the office, the company will require employees to access the app, frame a QR Code identifying the location, and continue, through a guided procedure, to the necessary and mandatory checks to complete the check-in and obtain eligibility for entry.

The verified qualifications will be fed into a secure database that can be integrated with the HR management systems of each company. In accordance with the principle of data minimization, as set out in the GDPR, no additional pre-COVID information will be stored in it.

As well as adopting Health Checker for the return of part of the staff to the company, InfoCert has signed agreements with some health facilities in Italy to give its employees a serological test, so that they can also upload this credential on their DIZME wallet.


DIZME was created in collaboration with eTuitus, University of Salerno spinoff specialized in blockchain and data security, and participated by InfoCert. The testing phase of the app has seen the collaboration of PrivacyLab, a leading company offering solutions and services for consulting and training in the management of GDPR, part of Warrant Hub, which has provided its specific expertise in the privacy field

As soon as available, even the long-awaited immunity license can become one of the certified credentials on the DIZME wallet.

In that regard, InfoCert is actively participating in the Covid Credentials Initiative, an international project promoted by more than 60 companies with the aim of drawing up a global standard for future immunity licenses.

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