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Digitization and resilience of healthcare companies, an Italian case study

by InfoCert

In the situation of emergency that is once again involving every nation, with doctors, nurses and entire hospitals challenged by the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the resilience and progress of healthcare structures return to the center of debate involving politicians and administrators.

We firmly believe that the automation of clinical and administrative processes, digitization and dematerialization are essential elements to achieve a more agile, sustainable and efficient management of clinical information and hospital procedures. The role of digital technologies becomes even more important today to increase the resilience of the healthcare system.

Together with innovation and efficiency, digital trust also plays an important role. It is indeed fundamental, at the same time, to consider the aspects related to the maintenance of the legal value of the documents produced and the security of the processes adopted.

Our belief in the importance of digital technologies for healthcare is supported by objective data, such as those reported in the study conducted by Forrester Consulting on the South Tyrolean Healthcare Organization.

Download the study: “InfoCert LegalCare and ProxySign streamline clinical and administrative workflows to substantially reduce costs”

The benefits of LegalCare and ProxySign in Forrester Consulting’s independent study

InfoCert commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI (Total Economic Impact) study to examine the potential return on investment from the implementation of two of its solutions, LegalCare and ProxySign, in a healthcare company.

The Solutions

LegalCare is the solution designed to enable healthcare organizations to digitize the management and long-term archiving of general and specific documents. This provides the highest legal value and an efficient tool to manage information. ProxySign helps healthcare organizations manage digital signature and approval workflows.

The two solutions together can substantially reduce the costs of clinical and administrative workflow, document archiving and printing.

The healthcare company

The object of the study conducted by Forrester Consulting has been the South Tyrolean Healthcare Organization. The company counts four healthcare centres (in Bolzano, Merano, Bressanone and Brunico) and more than 9,000 employees (of which about 900 doctors, 3,400 nurses and more than 460 employees with a technical healthcare role) who carry out diversified healthcare services in the area.

The study

Forrester Consulting analyzed in particular three clinical processes and three administrative processes, in which the ProxySign and LegalCare solutions are used, between 2016 and 2019 (period during which the solutions were fully operational).

The study was conducted in an independent manner by analysts together with the staff of the health care company and involved several departments.

The results

By comparing what was happening before the introduction of InfoCert technologies with data from the years in which these technologies were in place, the study highlighted several benefits. Three of them concern:

  • an acceleration of administrative workflows of 53%.
  • uptime in the analysis laboratories, radiology department and pathological anatomy department reduced from 58 to 27.5 minutes on average
  • an optimization of processes that has reduced the management costs of the same, saving the company, in three years, in clinical processes alone, a value of 423.582 euros.

In addition to economic and concrete benefits, the organization reported that doctors and administrators felt more peace of mind knowing that important documents were stored safely and securely.

With the advent of GDPR in Europe, healthcare records are subject to stricter regulations regarding the privacy of the information they contain, and InfoCert solutions ensure that all documents are kept safely and securely away from prying eyes reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

Download the study: “InfoCert LegalCare and ProxySign streamline clinical and administrative workflows to substantially reduce costs”


The combination of LegalCare and ProxySign has reduced the need to use physical documents and as the organization has eliminated their use, paper and printing cost savings have increased.

The case study of the South Tyrolean Healthcare Organization confirms the high value of Trust in digital healthcare processes and the effectiveness of InfoCert solutions as a support to the sector.

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