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The Secret of Our Success

by InfoCert

Let’s start with a clarification. Today’s title does not refer to a remake of the comedy movie of 1987 with Michael J. Fox and Helen Slater (good old days ?).

In this article, we want to explain the reason why InfoCert was recognized by The Technology Headlines magazine as one of the best companies that are delivering innovative Digital Signature and Digital Transaction Management Solutions.


Nowadays many companies offer solutions to digitize document management. Not all of them are equally successful. InfoCert’s success depends largely on the compendium of compliance, security, technology, and trust that characterizes its solutions.

In 2007 InfoCert started its business by delivering digital trust solutions like registered e-delivery services (the Italian PEC) and digital signatures on smart cards, and USB tokens.

In 2015, the company extended its offers with more structured solutions to enable companies to digitize their business processes by trust-based solutions. GoSign and TOP (Trusted Onboarding Platform) are the two main examples.

Today InfoCert supports its customers in digitalizing their business processes, ensure trust in digital transactions, and unlock new revenue flows with the crucial element that its procedures ensure eIDAS compliance. All this through a wider range of solutions, including digital identity, digital signature, e-delivery, long term preservation, e-invoicing, and other trust components.


Building upon its patrimony of 13 patents filed (between Italy, USA, and Europe) and 9 more patent-pending processes, InfoCert is now the largest Certification Authority in Europe, serving more than 2.000 enterprise customers and millions of end-users.

The Company has filed for 13 patents since 2015 and has been mentioned in the recent Gartner report “Innovation Insight for Decentralized and Blockchain Identity Services” of June 2019 as the leading European provider able to bridge digital trust regulatory frameworks with decentralized blockchain-based identity schemes

Marco Di Luzio, InfoCert CMO

InfoCert is certified by Italian and international authorities and has a full-time legal and compliance staff to keep itself up-to-date with all legislative developments in Italy and at the EU level, which enables InfoCert to deliver the most compliant and updated products on the market.

Organizations need a reliable pool of experts who understand the nuances of regulatory frameworks and help them build a secure environment able to provide the advanced UX which customers are expecting today while guaranteeing full compliance with country-specific and sector-specific laws and regulations. That’s precisely where InfoCert marks its distinctive presence.”

Danilo Cattaneo, InfoCert CEO


Within the last 12 years, InfoCert has constantly grown and, in conjunction with Luxtrust and Camerfirma, become the champion of the European Trust market, both in terms of size and innovative solutions.

While there is still a great deal of room to grow in Europe, InfoCert is extending its activities into Latin America. There, InfoCert’s Spanish subsidiary, Camerfirma, has opened a second office in Columbia while it is expanding its activities in Peru.

Despite the difficulties that this 2020 has brought with it, InfoCert aims to continue its technological and compliance leadership to speed up current and future client’s recovery and accompany them into the digital future.

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